Pontifical Oriental Institute

Eastern Christian Studies

The Faculty of Eastern Christian Studies is subdivided into three sections: theological-patristic, liturgical, and historical.

After completing the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (first cycle), students are admitted to the Licentiate (S.E.O.L.). Those who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in History may enroll in the Licentiate in the history section.

After completing the Licentiate (second cycle), students can enroll in the Doctoral program (S.E.O.D.).

Those interested in deepening a specific area or in having a general knowledge of the Christian East can enroll in the program of the Diploma in Eastern Christian Studies.

In order for students to be able to follow the courses of the Licentiate with the greatest profit, there is a propaedeutic year dedicated particularly to the study of the following subjects:

  • Italian language;
  • classical Greek language;
  • introductory courses in the Christian East (theology, patristics, liturgy, spirituality, history, canon law).

The program of the propaedeutic year is intended both to provide the necessary foundation for the in-depth study of the disciplines of the Christian East and to aid in the choice of a section for the Licentiate.

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