Pontifical Oriental Institute

Eastern Christian Studies

The Faculty of Eastern Christian Studies is subdivided into three sections: theological-patristic, liturgical, and historical.

After completing the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (first cycle), students are admitted to the Licentiate (S.E.O.L.). Those who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in History may enroll in the Licentiate in the history section.

After completing the Licentiate (second cycle), students can enroll in the Doctoral program (S.E.O.D.).

Those interested in deepening a specific area or in having a general knowledge of the Christian East can enroll in the program of the Diploma in Eastern Christian Studies.

If a student demonstrates proficiency in the languages prescribed for the propaedeutic year (Italian and Greek) through the established exams, he or she may take – with the approval of the Dean – courses of the Licentiate program along with the other required courses of the propaedeutic year.

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