Pontifical Oriental Institute

Study Eastern Christianity in Rome

The Orientale offers two programs of study: Eastern Christian Studies and Eastern Canon Law.






Approximately 120 courses are offered in Theology, History, Patristics, Liturgy, Canon Law, and Languages.


  • Eastern Christian Studies

    Theology, patristics, liturgy, and history of Eastern Christianity

  • Eastern Canon Law

    Canon law common to all Eastern Catholic Churches according to the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (CCEO)

  • Language Courses

    Ancient Languages:

    • Armenian
    • Coptic
    • Ethiopic
    • Georgian
    • Greek
    • Latin
    • Nubian
    • Old Slavic
    • Syriac
    • Sogdian

    Modern Languages:

    • Arabic
    • Greek
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Turkish

Studying at the Orientale

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The library of the Orientale includes one of the most extensive collections of Eastern Christianity, numbering approximately 300,000 volumes.

Our library specializes in Ecclesiastical History, Theology, Patristics, Spirituality, Hagiography, Liturgy, Eastern Canon Law, and Eastern Christian Art and Literature.

The Library

We also offer:

  • 2GB Internet Speed
  • Optimized Lighting for Research
  • User Friendly Service
  • Air Purification and Conditioning

Latest Publications

Our publications are the culmination of the academic heritage of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, spanning more than one hundred years. The Orientale continues today to research and to present the rich heritage of the Eastern Churches in its publications.

The Orientale: Well and Green

In line with the recent magisterial teaching of Pope Francis (Laudato si’, May 24, 2015), the Pontifical Oriental Institute has implemented a process of renovation of the building’s environment aimed at making the life of the academic community healthier and more pleasant.

Conference Venue

Our Auditorium is at the very heart of our Institute; where we regularly convene dignitaries and intellectuals from around the world on the most pressing issues for the Oriental Churches, their countries, cultures, and politics. This newly renovated space is fully equipped technologically to engage audiences near and far.


  • Live Streaming
  • 150 Person Capacity
  • Theatre Seating
  • Air Purification and Conditioning

Notable Alumni

Among our diverse and talented alumni, the Pontifical Oriental Institute boasts several internationally renowned figures, especially Patriarchs and Bishops of the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

Support the future of Eastern Christianity

By supporting the Pontifical Oriental Institute, you will be investing in the future of Eastern Christianity. Your contribution supports the education and preparation of a new generation of leaders.

  • A premier center for the study of Eastern Christianity.
  • Alumni serve as bishops both in Orthodox and Catholic Churches.
  • Alumni serve in over 75 countries in the world.

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