Pontifical Oriental Institute

Eastern Christian Studies

The Faculty of Eastern Christian Studies is subdivided into three sections: theological-patristic, liturgical, and historical.

After completing the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology (first cycle), students are admitted to the Licentiate (S.E.O.L.). Those who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in History may enroll in the Licentiate in the history section.

After completing the Licentiate (second cycle), students can enroll in the Doctoral program (S.E.O.D.).

Those interested in deepening a specific area or in having a general knowledge of the Christian East can enroll in the program of the Diploma in Eastern Christian Studies.

Within five years of the approval of the doctoral thesis project, the student must submit to the Registrar:

  • the written dissertation, in hard copy and digital format;
  • the anti-plagiarism declaration, by means of the designated form;
  • the moderator’s approval of the dissertation, by means of the form correctly filled out and signed by the moderator;
  • the payment of academic fees.

Two censors appointed by the Dean are in charge of reading and evaluating the dissertation, which is admitted to the defence if it receives a minimum mark of 6/10.

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