TP010 – Prayer in the Christian East


Course Information

Professor: Richard Čemus, SJ,

Schedule:  Fri. III-IV, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


Prayer and the expression of the life of the Holy Spirit in us. Just as one cannot define life, so one cannot define prayer. However, their manifestations can be described, which are diverse in respect to the concrete situation of each person, each community and Church throughout history. While essentially proposing the same end, the East places more emphasis on the anthropological aspect of prayer which is seen not so much as a moral necessity but as a natural need of a new life in Christ. For these reasons it is not possible to limit oneself to single acts but to see how it becomes the very goal of Christian life.


To examine the manifestations of prayer in Eastern traditions and compare them with those of the West.


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