TA040 – Introduction to academic research of the Arab-Christian and Syriac Patrimony

Ž. Paša

Course Information

Professor: Ž. Paša, SJ

Schedule: Thu. III-IV, 2nd sem., 1 cr., 1,5 ECTS [16/II-16/III]


The Arab-Christian and Syriac patrimony is a great, unexplored treasure of the Christian Middle East. Eastern Christians in this part of the world have left an immense treasure: spiritual, theological, philosophical, scientific, and humanistic, conserved to the present day in un-examined manuscripts. This patrimony, unknown and hidden for many centuries is necessary to study and to today’s world.


By means of the primary and secondary instruments of the Arab-Christian and Syriac patrimony the student will pass through all the stages necessary for academic research and work with manuscripts, acquiring a deeper awareness of the material and the steps in the formation of a critical publication.


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