TA021 – Timothy I and al-Mahdī


Course Information

Professor: Wafik Nasry, SJ

Schedule:  Thu. III-IV, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


An important case of inter-religious dialogue: comparison of Catholicos Timothy I and Caliph Al-Mahdī. Many questions are discussed in this dialogue: the filiation of Christ; the two births of Christ; the two natures of Christ, the Trinity, the unity and distinctions of the Divine Persons; the incarnation of Christ; the miracles as signs of authenticity of the Word of God, the death and resurrection of Christ.


To identify and study the themes to be treated in the inter-religious dialogue in reference to the founding texts of the two religions; to understand that they have something in common and something distinctive, and what are the conditions for a fruitful dialogue.


Bibbia; Corano (trad. it. di UCOII, o di C.M. Guzzetti);


W. Nasry, Il califfo al-Mahdi e il Patriarca Timoteo I: un dialogo interreligioso dell’VIII secolo, North Charleston SC 2015;


A. Mingana, Woodbrooke Studies: Christian Documents in Syriac, Arabic, and Garshūni, Cambridge 1928.