TA016 – The Christological Controversies in the Syriac language (V-VII centuries)


Course Information

Professor: Massimo Pampaloni, SJ

Schedule:  Wed. III-IV, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


Through the study of the more important authors of the period, we will look to draw out:

  • the reception in the Syriac camp two fundamental Christological positions that were formed after the Council of Chalcedon (miaphyst and diophyst) up to the arrival of Islam;
  • the spirituality developed in an ecclesial and monastic context, which produced figures such as John of Dalyatha and have influenced spirituality beyond the confines of the Syriac language, as happened with the writings of Isaac of Nineveh.


To offer general indications of the theological and spiritual development of the “third lung” (Brock) of Christianity in the historical and doctrinal framework.


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