P010 – Introduction to Eastern Spirituality


Course Information

Professor: Peter Dufka, SJ,

Schedule:  Mon. I-II, 1st sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


The course offers an overview of Eastern spirituality and demonstrates its various currents. It concentrates on the fundamental themes that are drawn from the sources and traditions of the spirituality. Additionally, the course examines monastic life wherein are found the themes of asceticism, progress in the spiritual life, virtue, temptation, logismoi, purification, apatheia, vigilance of the heart, obedience, the role of the spiritual father, and the obligations of the person being guided. The course will also touch on the fundamental themes of prayer in the Christian East, where contemplation, the prayer of the heart, and prayer of the body play a typical role.


To identify the current and fundamental themes of the Christian East, comparing them to various Western spiritualities.


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