P007/P013 – Biblical Greek I and II


Course Information

Professor: Katherine Dourmani,

Program:  Lingua Grega I, 1° sem. [P007]: Lun.V-VI, Mer. V-VI, Ven. I-II, 6 cr.  Lingua Greca II, 2° sem. [P013]: Lun. V-VI, Mer. V-VI, 4 cr.


This course provides an introduction to the morphological structures of biblical Greek. The specific structural components are: (i) declensions, adjectives, degrees of comparison, pronouns, numerals; (ii) the verb system: presentation of the Greek verb, verbs in -omega and verbs in -mi, verb classes, formation of tenses, conjunction of regular and irregular verbs, forms of the verb, the infinitive, the participle, verbal adjectives; (iii) basic structures of the syntax of cases (complements, determinations of time and place), with brief reference to the syntax of the verb and the sentence.


The course aims to lead the student to a first contact with the Greek language, to set the foundations for further investigation, and to learn the necessary elements for reading and translating simple texts.


J. Swetnam, Il Greco del Nuovo Testamento, Bologna 1995;


E. Ravarotto, Grammatica elementare greca, Roma 2002.