L006 – Ethiopian I


Course Information

Professor: Tedros Abraha, OFM-CAP

Schedule: Shared course with PIB. Thu. 15.00-16.30, 1st-2nd sem., 4 cr.


  • Introduction to the history of the Ge’ez language (gə’əz).
  • Kinship of Ge’ez with other languages of the Ancient Near East, especially, with Arabic, Hebrew, and Syriac.
  • Grammatical approaches to the language Ge’ez: from säwasəw to the grammars of the western Ethiopians.
  • The Ge’ez alphabet: phonetics and accents.
  • The parts of discourse: the noun in its various aspects and the verb system.
  • Basic elements of Ge’ez syntax.
  • Practical exercises starting in the second semester with simple texts.


To introduce the student to the reading and comprehension of elementary texts.


Si useranno dispense distribuite dal Docente per ogni sessione. Per chi volesse, i testi di consultazione sono:


M. Chaîne, Grammaire éthiopienne, Beyrouth 1938;


C. Contı Rossıni, Grammatica elementare della lingua etiopica, Roma 1941;


A. Dillmann, Ethiopic Grammar, London 1907.