L002 – Armenian I


Course Information

Professor: Marco Bais

Schedule: Shared course with the Biblicum (PIB). Mon. 14.30-16.00, 1st-2nd sem., 4 cr.


After having set the geographical and cultural context in which ancient Armenian developed, the course passes to the illustration of its phonetic system and written form. Once able to read the Armenian alphabet, the student will be introduced gradually to the fundamental elements of the morphology of nouns, pronouns, and verbs, with which one will become familiarized through reading the texts of ancient authors, progressing gradually in levels of difficulty.


The student will be afforded a basic grammatical understanding and cultural familiarity in order to read, translate, and interpret simple texts, placing them within the historical context in which they were produced.


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R. Schmitt, Grammatik des Klassisch-Armenischen, Innsbruck 1981;


D. van Damme, Altarmenische Kurzgrammatik, neu bearbeited von T. Böhm, Freiburg- Göttingen 2004;


E. Ciakciak, Dizionario armeno-italiano, Venezia – San Lazzaro 1837.