Sunny Thomas Kokkaravalayil, SJ

Vice Rector, Professor

Fr. Sunny Thomas Kokkaravalayil, SJ - Pontifical Oriental Institute


I am a Jesuit from India. After my priestly ordination, I came to Rome for specialization in Eastern Canon Law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. Since 2005, after my doctorate, I have been teaching in the Faculty of Eastern Canon Law for POI.

Country of Birth


Degrees Held

MA in Sociology

Licentiate in Eastern Canon Law

Doctorate in Eastern Canon Law


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Notable Projects

I am completing a book which focuses on law and culture; specifically how cultural diversity within the Catholic Church should promote (or at least tolerate) legal diversity.

I have also begun writing another book on Eastern Catholic legislation regarding religious institutes. Theology of law is an area of interest in which I like to publish.

Favorite Quote

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