JP013 – Penal Law – Titles XXVII and XXVIII


Course Information

Professor: Michael J. Kuchera, SJ

Schedule: Wed. I-II, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


I. Title XXVII (De sanctionibus poenalibus in Ecclesia):


  • Patristic theological bases of penal law.
  • The notion of offence (delictus).
  • The notion of penalty and its various types.
  • The persons with authority to establish, apply, and remit canonical penalties.
  • Offences considered by the law in force.


II. Title XXVIII (De procedura in poenis irrogandis):


  • Sollicitudinem nostram, can. 265, § 1.
  • Sacramentum sanctitatis defence.
  • The penal trial.
  • The prior investigation.
  • The development of the penal trial.
  • Action for reparation for damages.
  • Imposition of penalties by extra-judicial decree.


By studying canons 1401-1467 and 1468-1487 of the CCEO the course shows how to develop a juridical mentality based on sound judgement.


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