JP010 – The Sacrament of Marriage – Title XVI, Chap. VII (can. 776-866/CCEO)


Course Information

Professor: Georges-Henri Ruyssen, SJ gruyssen@gmail.com

Program: Mar. I-II [+ Ven I-II da 4/X a 8/XI], 1° sem., 3 cr., 4,5 ECTS


  • Marriage according the order of creation and the order of redemption
  • Introductory canons to Marriage (ends, essential properties, sacramentality, applicable law)
  • Pastoral care and those things that must precede the celebration of Marriage
  • Impediments in general and specifically, and their dispensation
  • Mixed Marriage
  • Matrimonial consent and its defects
  • Canonical form for the celebration of Marriage: ordinary and extraordinary form
  • Convalidation of Marriage: sanatio simplex, sanatio in radice
  • Dissolution of the bond: ratum et non consummatum, Pauline privilege, Petrine privilege
  • Separation of the spouses manente vinculo


Attain a first and accurate understanding of the oriental canon discipline on matrimony, in confrontation with its latin counterpart CIC, considering its importance for marriage nullity.


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