JP009 – Church Hierarchy II – The Oriental Code of Canon Law: Titles VII, VIII and IX


Course Information

Professor: Michael J. Kuchera, SJ

Schedule: Wed. 10:30 – 12:15, 1st sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


The course studies the canons of the Oriental Code of Canon Law which treat the topics of eparchies, bishops, exarchies, exarchs and assemblies of hierarchs of several Churches sui iuris. The emphasis is on the functioning of a Church sui iuris in light of the pertinent documents of Vatican II (Lumen Gentium, Gaudium et Spes, and Orientalium Ecclesiarum) and the roles of the eparchial bishop, as well as coadjutor and auxiliary bishops. Special attention is given to formal structures and other means which help a bishop to carry out the obligations of his office.


For each student to create a mental Index Analyticus which integrates all the other areas of the entire Oriental Code of Canon Law which deal with bishops and the exclusive canons dealing with eparchies and bishops.


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