JO022 – Law in the Coptic Church


Course Information

Professor: Kiroulos Hani Bakhoum secrpatrcopt@gmail.com

Schedule: 2nd sem., 1 cr., 1,5 ECTS [9-19/V]


  • Introduction.
  • Canonical structure of the Coptic Church: a) baptism by the bishop; b) parish; c) bishop among bishops; d) auxiliary bishop; d) autocephaly; e) diaspora.
  • Ancient common sources of Canon Law: a) first documents of canonico-liturgical content; b) canons of the ecumenical councils; c) local synods; d) canons of the Holy Fathers; imperial legislation.
  • Codification of canonical and ecclesiastical law.
  • Several principles of Coptic law: a) applicability of Canon Law; b) pastoral significance of Canon Law; c) concept of “economy”; d) ecclesiastical norm; e) the Creed.


Through the presentation of the Canon Law of the Coptic Orthodox Church this course offers the student basic material for a study of comparative law.


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