Jd006 – Introduction to the use of psycho-forensics in DSM-5: Personality Disorders and Clinical Sexology

Aureliano Pacciolla

Course Information

Professor: Aureliano Pacciolla,

Schedule: 2nd sem.



  • The personality: diagnostic categories based on scientific evidence: healthy-sick, disturbed, dysfunction and levels of seriousness.
  • Disturbed personalities as treated today in DSM-5: categorical and dimensional diagnoses.
  • Structured and projected tests.
  • Correlation between disturbed personality and sexually disturbed. 


  • Sexually disturbed male and female paraphilia; dysphoria of gender and sex change.
  • Psycho-forensic applications of the criteria DSM-5 in specific contexts of ecclesiastical legislation.


To understand the technical language of clinical psychology. To read and evaluate clinical workers with greater competence. To contest or propose further useful understanding to clarify particular aspects of personality and sexuality.


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