JA014 – Assyrian-Chaldean Canon Law


Course Information

Professor: Salar Kajo

Schedule: Mon. I-II, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


I. A study of the composition and importance of Oriental synodal legislation.


  • Oriental synodal texts before 325.
  • The synod of Mar Ishaq (410).
  • The synod of the Catholicos Yabalaha (420).
  • The synod of Dadisho (424).
  • The synod of Aqaq (486).
  • The synod of Babai (497).
  • The synod of Mar Aba (544).
  • The synod of Yausep (554).
  • The synod of Hasqiyel (576).
  • The synod of Isoyahb I (585).
  • The synod of Sabriso (596).
  • The synod of Grigor (605).
  • The synod of Gwarguis (676).
  • The synod of the Catholicos Henaniso II (775).
  • The synod of Patriarch Timtaos (1318).


II. The Latin Syrian synodal texts, composition and importance.


  • The canons of Yuhannon bar-Qursos and Rabula of Edessa.
  • The letters and writings of Severo Antiocheno.
  • The canons of Yaqub of Edessa, the canons of Patriarch Gwarguis, the canons of Quryaqos, Dionysios, Yuhannon and Ignatius.
  • The canons of the monastery of Mar Mattai and Mar Hannanyo.
  • The canons of Mihael Rabom Yuhannon bar-Madani and Yuhannon of Mardin.


III. Themes: archdeacon, corbishop, priest and Bnay and Bnat Qyama, monastics.


To develop an awareness of the importance of the canonical sources of the Assyrian-Chaldean Church and their influence on the legislation of the Malabar Church.


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