J019 – History of the Relationship between Church and State


Course Information

Professor: Alessandro Bucci

Schedule: Fri. I-II, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


The study of relations between the Church and states from a historical and historico-juridical point of view lays the ground for understanding the development of the theme of religious liberty. Through an attention focussed on the types of relations one sees in “separatism,” in “jurisdictionalism,” and in “theocracy,” the student will be aided in understanding the European conjuncture of the great international powers as the origin of the “Roman question,” and the end of the temporal power of the papacy un 1870. At the same time, the student will be able to contextualize the revolt against Church properties in Italy and in Europe as a point of arrival, whether in the counterpoint between illuminism and juridical positivism or in the search of historical memory and moral themes of the Church that were at the basis of the same “Roman question.”


To understand the centrality of the role of the Church in Italy and its consequences for international relations with European states and beyond.


A.C. Jemolo, Chiesa e Stato in Italia negli ultimi cento anni, Torino 1990.