J017 – Methodology for Studies


Course Information

Professor: Emad Samir

Schedule: Tue. I-II, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 5 ECTS


The course aims to furnish the students with methods and instruments to maximize his or her capabilities:


  • to organize and manage in a functional way the time of study;
  • to read discerningly and to interpret texts critically;
  • to take notes and elaborate conceptual plans;
  • to project and redirect theses and papers according to scientific criteria;
  • to be active participants aware of one’s own learning, living fully the significance and the appeal of an educative experience and life experience.


Learning never ends; therefore, one should do it well. To acquire a method of study is the secret that allows one to achieve the maximum result by investing the proper effort.


Materials from the professor; F. Fogarolo & M. Gustavigna, Insegnare e imparare con le mappe. Strategie logico-visive per l’organizzazione delle conoscenze, Trento 2013;


G. Price & P. Maier, Studiare da 30 e lode con il minimo sforzo, 2. Imparare a leggere meglio. Scrivere tesi e tesine. Al liceo e all’università, Milano 2010;


M. Rampin, Come imparare a studiare. Compiti a casa e metodo di studio: vincere la sfida, Firenze 2013;


U. Lengefeld, Imparare a studiare. Come apprendere di più, più rapidamente e più a fondo, Milano 2015.