J007 – The Sacred Canons of the 1st Millennium


Course Information

Professore: Maria Cristescu

Programma: Wed. III-IV, Fri. I-II, 1st sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS [2/XI – 9/XII]


  • Eastern ecclesiastical discipline in the first millennium according to the Sacred Canons.
  • The Sacred Canons as a framework for evaluating the CCEO and legislative mind regarding the continuity of the canonical tradition.
  • The importance of Canon 2 of the Council of Trullo, which sanctioned the ecumenical authority of the Sacred Canons and forbade any modification.
  • Review of the Council of Trullo and comments on the design of the CCEO and the Sacred Canons.
  • The canonical corpus of the first millennium as a source of the ius vigens of the Oriental Catholic Churches.
  • The veneration of the Sacred Canons by the Fathers of the Quinisextum, a veneration far superior to that owed to other ecclesiastical norms established for the salvation of souls.


To present a global vision of the ancient rights of the Oriental Catholic Churches; to introduce students to an exegesis of the canons; to illustrate the fidelity of the CCEO to the patrimony of oriental discipline; to understand the adaptations as a legitimate evolution of the tradition.


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