J005 – Latin I


Course Information

Professor: Maria Rizzo

Program: Fri. V-VI, 1st sem., 6 cr., 3 ECTS


The course presents the study of the morphology and fundamental syntax of classical Latin, which represents, from the point of view of linguistic structure, the primary source of the Juridical Latin of the Code.


The student will be guided, by the method of verb dependence, in the individuation of the principal morphological and syntactic structures present in the texts and directed toward a global comprehension by means of exercises of translation and reformulation of the Latin text into Italian. Simultaneously, theoretical understanding will be consolidated with the reading and analysis of texts (selections also from the Code of Eastern Canons), with a guided critical examination of their translation at hand.


Materials of the professor and selections from various manuals (e.g., G. B. Conte & R. Ferri, Nuovo Latino a Colori, Città del Castello, 2014).