Fr. Edward Farrugia, SJ


Fr. Edward Farrugia, SJ - Pontifical Oriental Institute


Born in Malta, he joined the Jesuits in 1963, he was ordained priest in 1976. After finishing his doctorate in Tuebingen, he was missioned to the Pontifical Oriental Institute in 1981, where he became ordinary professor for dogma and Eastern patristics in 1991. He has taught philosophy at St Louis University, Mo., USA, theology at the PIO, at the Antonianum, Rome, at the Gregorian University, Rome, at the Malta University, MaltA, at the Innsbruck University, and at the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Theology. Dean of the Faculty of Eastern Ecclesiastical Sciences, PIO (2004-2011) and pro-dean of the same Faculty (2015-2016); editor of the monograph series, Orientalia Christiana Analecta.

Country of Birth


Degrees Held

BA (classical, philosophy), St Louis University, Mo., USA.

MA (philosophy), St Louis University, Mo., USA.

Lic.Ph.(philosophy), St Louis University, Mo., USA.

PhD (philosophy), St Louis University, Mo., USA.

Mag.Theol., Inssbruck

Dr.Theol., Tuebingen


Aussage und Zusage: Zur Indirektheit der Methode Karl Rahners, Rome 1985;


The edition with a long introduction in German of the work on early Christian spirituality by M. Viller and K. Rahner for the Opera Omnia of Karl Rahner, in vol. 3, Freiburg i.Br. 1999;


A Concise Dictionary of Theology, Mahwah, NJ 2016 (now 3rd edition; many reprints, translated into Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Spanish and Ukrainian);


Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Christian East (fully revised and expanded 2nd edition of the Italian original); translated into Romanian, Spanish and Czech);


Organized and edited the Symposium Lev Tolstoi: Lev Tolstoi (1828-1910) e la Chiesa del suo tempo, pubblicato da V. I. Tolsoi al Museo Tolstoi, Jasnaja Poljana, Russia 2011 (tutti i testi in italiano e russo).

Awards & Honors

Included in Maltese Biographies of the 20th Century, Malta 1997, 2009;


European Bibliographical Directory, 1998-1999, Brugge, Belgium;


Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 2010-2016;


In Biographical Dictionary of the International Biographical Centre, St Thomas’ Place, ELY, CB/, 4GG Great Britain, (IBC Cambridge), and of the American Biographical institute, 5126 Bur Oak Circle, Ralleigh, NC 27612.

Notable Projects

As member of the Drafting Commission of the St. Irenaeus Catholic-Orthodox Working Group, to publish the long Common Statement;


finish the few still unpublished works: collect the numerous articles published in many countries;


edit the third edition of the Encyclopedic Dictionary;


and attempt an East-West Theological Synthesis.