Fr. Richard Čemus, SJ



Fr. Richard Čemus, SJ, was born in Prague in 1954. His family was persecuted by the communist regime due to religious practice. Because of this persecution, his father spent 7 years in prison. In 1970, his family immigrated to Germany.


Fr. Čemus began highschool in Berlin and finished in Fürstenfeldbruck. From 1975 to 1981, Fr. Čemus studied Theology and Philosophy; first at Freiburg im Breisgau and later in Salzburg, Austria. Later. Fr. Richard also studied Russian religious thought at Lateran University in Rome.


Joining the Society of Jesus in 1983. he made his novitiate in Genoa, Italy. Fr. Čemus completed his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Cardinal Tomáš Špidlík. The thesis focused on Russian spirituality and prayer. Currently, Fr. Čemus teaches spirituality of the Christian East, Eastern Monasticism and Russian Spirituality at the Pontifical Oriental Institute.

Country of Birth

Prague, Czech Republic

Degrees Held

Bachelors of Theology, Freiburg im Breisgau

Licentiate in Russian Religious Thought, Pontifical Oriental Institute

Doctorate in Russian Spirituality and Prayer, Pontifical Oriental Institute


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Notable Projects

Currently, Fr. Čemus conducts research at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. In addition, for the last five years Fr. Čemus taught Russian Spirituality in Belarus to students.


His research focuses on Mysticism in the Eastern Christian tradition.


Favorite Quote


Love is the gate to knowledge.


– Euagrius Pontikus