About the Library

The Library of the Pontifical Oriental Institute specializes in Ecclesiastical History, Theology, Patristics, Spirituality, Hagiography, Liturgy, Eastern Canon Law, and Eastern Christian Art.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday

from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM.
(users can ask to read books from warehouse from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM.)



from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
(users can ask to read books from warehouse from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.)


For information about closing days, see the library’s website or Facebook page.

Accessing the Library


Access to the Library is permitted to:

  • Students regularly enrolled in the Institute (with ID card, issued by the Secretariat);
  • Students of other Pontifical universities, institutes and academies (with ID card issued by their institutes);
  • Students and graduate students of State universities (with a cover letter from their home institution, written by their supervisor, detailing academic background and current research project, and valid ID)

  • Professors of the Institute and of other Pontifical universities and institutes;
  • Professors, assistants and researchers of State universities (with ID)

All, without exception, should complete the admission form accurately and legibly, subject for renewal at the beginning of each academic year.


Librarian: Fabio Tassone

Aquisitions: Br. Ryszar Raczka, SJ

Reading Room: Stefano Rossano, Eleanora Mosconi

Phone: +39.06.44741.7122


Fabio Tassone - Head Librarian at the Orientale

Library access

(Extract from Library Regulation)


  • Art. 1
    They can access to the library and freely use its services, students, teachers and administrative staff of the Pontificio Istituto Orientale, the Pontificio Istituto Biblico and the Università Gregoriana.

  • Art. 2
    The authorization to attend the library for external users is annual and can be renewed.

  • Art. 3
    They can also use the Library services, with the librarian’s authorization:

      1. Students and teachers of the pontifical universities (with badge or registration certificate);
      2. Post-graduated students and students who are preparing their thesis (with presentation letter from their teacher or tutor);
      3. University teachers or researchers (with badge or professional certificate);
      4. Independent researchers in library subjects (with a written an motivated request to the Librarian).


Librarian: Fabio Tassone

Assistant Librarians: Simone D’ambrosi, Valia Nikolova Kotzeva, Stefano Rossano

Phone: +39.06.44741.7122


Fabio Tassone - Head Librarian at the Orientale


Internet & Mailing List

Internet can be connected to in the Reading room via WiFi. The password can be requested at the circulation desk.


Join the Library mailing list to be informed about opening and closing schedules, holidays and other activities.

Bibliographic Research

  • The Electronic Library Catalog (OPAC) can be accessed through the following link: Catalog
  • The wireless system allows users to access three databases: AtlaReligionDataBase, Jstor and CCEOL (Central Eastern European Online Library)
  • Library personnel is always available in person and also via email to help users in specific searches and explain how the catalog search functions

Reference & Reading Room

  • There is no outside borrowing. Library materials can only be consulted on the premises.
  • After searching and compiling request form(s), the user can deposit the form(s) in a plastic transparent box at the circulation desk. The books will be made available within a short period of time. No more than 5 books can be requested in one day.
  • It is possible to reserve books (except for rare ones and those in the Reading room), by making it known to the Librarian in the Reading room, who keeps them in order near the Circulation desk on shelves marked by a card with the user’s surname.
  • Pen and paper to take notes are also available to users.

Library Policies

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Code of Conduct
Library regulations must be respected. In case of a violation on the part of a user, Library access may be discontinued.


  • Mobile phones must be switched off when entering the Reading room.
  • Users must affix a legible signature on the attendance register once a day.
  • Student ID or any type of identification document must be left at the Circulation desk.
  • Bags, briefcases and folders must be deposited in their allocated space.
  • Silence must be rigorously observed.
  • Request forms for books must be filled out accurately and legibly in their entirety, including applicant name, surname and the date.
  • Books are to be returned at the end of their use to a place at the Circulation desk marked by a green arrow.
  • Library materials (books, furnishings, devices and all else) are to be protected and handled with care. For example, do not lean on books while taking notes.
  • All seats in the Reading room are available for study, except the ones equipped with computer terminals used for searching the Library catalog.
  • Books from the Reading room are to be returned to their proper places at the end of their use and before closing time.
  • Copyright norms regarding photocopies are to be observed. Please discuss with the Librarian in charge what documents can or cannot be photocopied.
  • Read the notice board carefully.

It is expressly prohibited to:


  • Keep a mobile phone on, or, worse, to leave it on in a bags; anyone who has a phone ringing in the Reading room will be reprimanded and told to leave.
  • Remove books or fascicules from the premises (in which case, admission to the Library will be denied).
  • Use books reserved by others, without informing the Librarian in charge.
  • Place deposited books pertaining to the Reading room.
  • Eat or drink in the Library.
  • Photograph Library materials by using (phone, camera, scanner, iPad or other devices).
  • Download films, music and anything else that might damage or slow down the Internet system.