Ta041 – Contemporary Theological Questions: Can Theology Address Violence?

Massimo Pampaloni, SJ

Course Information

Professor: Massimo Pampaloni, SJ,

Schedule: 2nd sem.


After a general introduction on the notion of “doing theology” and a brief review of the return of the problematic of theodicy, we will examine the course taken during the theological conference “Violenza dove antico dolore” (Violence where there is ancient grief) at the PIO, October 2017, the conclusion of the Centennial Year. Here it will be to deepen the arguments presented, studying the insights and aspects most useful in the composition of a theological proposal that might be incarnated in the concrete reality of each Church.


To offer to students the challenge of creating theology in the context of a struggle that calls out to the heart of Christian faith in the first half of the 21st century.


The principal texts will be drawn from the papers presented in the Acts of the Conference on violence.