SP008 – History of the Byzantine Empire and Church


Course Information

Professor: Katherine Douramani

Program: Mar. III-IV, 1° sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


This course will explore the themes and major events of the Byzantine Empire and Church throughout the course of their long history (from Constantine the Great to the fall of Constantinople), the birth and development of Byzantine monasticism and its influence on the empire’s religious and political setting, as well as the evolution of the relations between Rome and Constantinople and the political and religious efforts between the two centres.


The course aims to provide an overview of both the birth and the historical evolution of the Byzantine Empire and Church. This course also includes the student’s introduction to the sources of study of the Byzantine Empire and Church.


G. Ostrogorsky, Storia dell’Impero Bizantino, TO 1993;


C. Mango, La civiltà bizantina, Bari 1996;


M. Gallina, Bisanzio, storia di un Impero (secoli IV-XIII), Roma 2008.