LS010 – The Anaphora of Addai and Mari: Rethinking the Understanding of the Eucharist Today


Course Information

Professor: Cesare Giraudo, SJ

Schedule: Thu. V-VI, 2nd sem., 2 cr., 5 ECTS


With the recognition of the perfect orthodoxy of the “oriental gem” that is the anaphora of Addai and Mari, considered in its original configuration still unknown in the institutional account, the document entitled Orientamenti per l’ammissione all’Eucaristia fra la Chiesa Caldea e la Chiesa Assira d’Oriente (26.10.2001) invites theologians to rethink the understanding of the Eucharist, overcoming the methodological limits that have perhaps conditioned communion between churches.


Since the Roman document has raised opposing reactions regarding the forma eucharistiæ on the part of commentators, notably, regarding the manner in which the Church performs the Eucharist, this seminar proposes to study it in the light of the genesis and structure of the anaphora. Being a seminar, the students are invited, under the guidance of the professor, to evaluate and explore critically the more important selections of the ample existing literature.


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