JP014 – Consecrated Life – Title XII of CCEO


Course Information

Professor: Sunny Thomas Kokkaravalayil, SJ kokkarasy@gmail.com

Program: Gio. I-II, 2° sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS


    • Meaning of consecrated life in the Church
    • Different forms of consecrated life in the Church: traditional and new
    • Various forms of consecrated life conceived in CCEO (institutional and individual)
    • Common law concerning the various types of the institutes of consecrated life in the Eastern Catholic Churches
    • Relevant laws for consecrated life outside of Title XII of CCEO
    • Relationship between the institutes of consecrated life and the Church hierarchy
    • Specificity of the CCEO norms in relation to CIC
    • The history of Title XII in the codification process of CCEO (reading through Nuntia)



Know well the norms of CCEO regarding consecrated life and the difference between CCEO and CIC in this matter.


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