J004 – Institutions of Roman Law


Course Information

Professor: Danilo Ceccarelli Morolli

Program: Tue. III-IV, Thu. I-II, 1st sem., 2 cr., 3 ECTS [4/X-10/XI]


    • Certain fundamental juridical notions and various ages of the Roman Law.
    • The sources of production of Roman Law and the role of Roman jurisprudence.
    • A brief survey of the codification of Roman Law established by Justinian.
    • The “subjects” of Roman law, their juridical capacity and status.
    • Juridical institutions regarding the family.
    • The evolution of Roman civil process.
    • Marriage in Roman law.
    • The will and inheritance.
    • Obligations and contracts and the notion of negotium iuridicum.
    • Property
    • Roman penal law and procedural law.



To present the Roman juridical experience as a source of the Civil Law family with special reference to the present canon law.


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