(Lingua: INGLESE-ITALIANO). In Evangelii Gaudium, as well as in Laudato Si’ (respectively Nos 231 and 110) Francis, Bishop of Rome, voiced how “realities are more important than ideas”, which was precisely the aim of the conference of the students of the Pontifical Oriental Institute held on March the 30th and 31st, 2017. The essays that follow are the outcome of this conference and their aim is to voice a polyphony of cherished innermost, often forgotten or war wrought voices to be heard within the living communities scattered throughout the Christian Orient. They are but shards of realities, that spring from cultures, far superior to the current idea of both peoples and civilizations. What the speakers produced is tradition, a custom, springing from their Christian faith, but anchored in, and listening to, their specific land. Although each essay differs by theme and geographical origin, it remains faithful to a shared assumption and tenet: listening to the voice of your land. (Vincenzo Ruggieri, Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Rome 2017)


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